Are Rabbits Predators: Animals That Prey on Rabbits

Rabbits are prey, not predators. Not only are they prey animals, but they are also preyed upon by multiple predators. These include hawks, owls, cats, foxes, and snakes. In addition to predation, rabbits can be harmed by garden pests such as ticks and mites.

List of Rabbits Predators

Rabbits are cute, fluffy, and cuddly, but they’re not immune to predators. The foxes are responsible for the majority of rabbit deaths and consumption. Other animals, such as dogs, can also be responsible for eating rabbits, but it’s rarer than with foxes.


If you live in an area where wolves are present, you must be aware of their dangers to your rabbit population. Wolves are the primary predator of rabbits and other small mammals, and their keen sense of smell helps them track down prey quickly. They hunt for food by stalking and then pouncing on their prey – often killing them instantly.

Therefore, it is essential to keep your rabbit population under control as much as possible, preferably by fencing in areas where rabbits reside or trapping wild ones if necessary. If done correctly, this will help prevent any confrontations between rabbits and wolves – which could end up with disastrous consequences for both parties!


Coyotes are opportunistic predators that take advantage of any opportunity to catch a rabbit. One of the primary predators of rabbits is the coyote, so if you live in an area where coyotes occur, it is essential to keep their population under control by keeping your rabbit numbers low.


If you live in an area where bears are present, it is best to keep your rabbit population under control. If you do see a bear eating a rabbit, just run away! Raccoons and hawks may also eat rabbits but to a lesser extent. Bears are the primary predators of rabbits and will usually eat them for food.


Many birds prey on rabbits, including owls, hawks, falcons, and dogs. If you see a predator attacking a rabbit, try to get as close as possible to intervene before anything happens. These birds feed on rabbits during the day or night, so keep an eye out for them when you’re outside.

Most predators have sharp claws and teeth, making it easy to catch their prey. For rabbit lovers, we know that rabbits are not the only ones that are preyed on – many birds prey on other animals, too! So next time you’re out and about, be aware of what’s around you and stay safe!


Stoats are the primary predators of rabbits in some parts of America. If you see one around your area, it is essential to take action immediately. You can call wildlife officials or remove your rabbit population from the site to prevent them from becoming prey. These animals can kill rabbits quickly and easily with their sharp teeth and strong jaws – leaving little chance for escape for these hapless mammals!


Dogs are also one of the main predators of rabbits, and they prey on them in different ways. As a result, it is imperative to ensure your dog doesn’t eat rabbits. If he does, there are some methods you can use to stop him from doing so.

You also need to keep your garden clean so the rabbit predator does not have an easy meal. Some of the ways dogs catch rabbits include chasing, biting, and dragging them into the water.


Ferrets have sharp teeth and strong jaws that make them perfect for catching prey – which means rabbits! You can also purchase traps that capture rabbit ferrets and release them back into the wild where they belong. As a primary predator of rabbits, ferrets are pretty efficient at doing what they were meant to do – keep the bunny population under control!


Badgers are also one of the primary predators of rabbits, and if you see one, it is essential to report it to your local wildlife trust for help. If you see a badger, stay calm and don’t run away or try to get close – they may attack. They are swift and agile animals, often hunting in packs.


If you see a fox around your rabbit, it is probably hunting one down. A fox will attack and kill a rabbit for fun or to protect its territory. They are the primary predator of rabbits, and they eat them for food. If you want to help protect your rabbit from foxes, ensure their safe place to live is away from where the foxes roam and avoid being in the path of their prey.


Rabbits are small mammals that can be prey to a dingo. If you spot one in your area, staying calm and avoiding confrontation is essential. The dingo will eat any miniature game, including rabbits. They are the main predator of these rodents and typically do not fear humans – even if we confront them.


If you live in an area where rabbits are common, you will likely see a snake around occasionally – eating one of these pesky rodents. Unfortunately, many types of snakes prey on rabbits, depending on the region.

In general, snakes hunt their prey using sight, smell, and hearing to locate their game before attacking. In some cases, snakes will even use venom to kill their prey – so if you see a snake hunting rabbits in your garden, don’t be alarmed!