Can You Own a Quokka: Is It Even Legal?

No, you cannot own a quokka. This species is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN’s red list, meaning its population is decreasing, and it is in danger of extinction. As such, this animal is protected under local laws.

Poaching or the illegal trafficking of wildlife is a huge threat to this species. Other factors that led to the reduction of its population in the wild include wildfires, human population growth, and the conversion of forests to commercial and agricultural land.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own a Quokka

Quokkas Aren’t Domesticated

Quokkas aren’t domesticated, so you can’t own one as a pet. So if you’re thinking of taking a quokka home with you, think again! These adorable creatures are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and their declining population numbers are the main reason for this. 

If you’re curious about these creatures but don’t want to get too close, you might see them in zoos or nature reserves. In the wild, quokkas usually live in groups. They’re herbivores, and their diet includes a variety of plant matter.

Quokkas Aren’t Always Friendly

Quokkas may be cute and cuddly on the outside, but don’t be fooled – they can be quite the wild animal on the inside. Quokkas can get along well with other animals when treated fairly, but they can also be aggressive towards humans. Quokkas are listed as endangered in Australia, so it’s essential to treat them respectfully.

It’s Hard to Care for a Pet Quokka

These cute marsupials are hardy, require a lot of space, and need access to sunlight, water, and a decent diet. They need a lot of maintenance work. 

Quokkas also need regular attention, so ensure you have the space and the time to give them the care they need. For example, if you bring a quokka home, ensure you’re aware of the costs involved – they can be pretty expensive to keep in captivity. 

You Won’t Find a Veterinarian

Quokkas are unique animals that you won’t find in the United States. These marsupials are native to Australia, so if something goes wrong with one, you’ll have to travel to their home country to seek veterinary care. 

This is because quokkas are not considered pets in the U.S. (it is illegal to have them as pets), and there is no protection if something goes wrong. Therefore, you should only consider owning a quokka if you can provide this type of care for it.

Quokka Interaction

Touching Quokkas Is Illegal

Quokkas are marsupial found throughout the Australian Outback and are often considered cute and cuddly, but touching a quokka is illegal and can result in fines or imprisonment. 

These marsupials are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and cannot be domesticated. So, if you spot one in the wild, please leave it be! Quokkas are happiest when living in their natural environment and interacting with their species.

You Cannot Hug a Quokka

Quokkas are cute animals that are very friendly; however, it is illegal to hug quokkas. As mentioned, they are protected under Australian laws, and you may be fined for even touching them.

Authorities encourage individuals to refrain from giving food to quokkas when visiting sanctuaries or in the wild. In addition, fines are imposed on those caught feeding them.

You Are Not Allowed to Feed a Quokka

Feeding a quokka is also not allowed in sanctuaries because quokkas are wild animals, and as such, they can get sick from eating food that is not naturally part of their diets (e.g., human food).

How to Take a Selfie With a Quokka

Quokkas are one of the animal species found in the Australian Outback, and they are a sight to behold. If you’re lucky enough to spot a quokka during your travels, stay still and let the animal come up to you. 

They are curious animals and will approach if they see you looking at them intently. Once the quokka is close enough, snap a quick selfie for your Instagram page!

Quokka Quick Facts

What Is a Quokka?

A quokka is a marsupial species native to Australia. These cute animals are the smallest of the Macropodidae family (which includes kangaroos and wallabies). Quokkas are adept at avoiding predators; they are small (usually no more than three kg) and cute!

The Quokka Always Smiles

Quokkas are known for their cute smiling faces. According to experts, this is their way of cooling off or panting – a skill they developed to help them survive in warmer temperatures.

Quokka Diet

Quokkas are small marsupials from the island nation of Tasmania in Australia. These animals are typically herbivorous and high in fiber and water content. Their diet consists of various green leaves, flowers, roots, grasses, fruits, and seeds.

They can extract nutrients that other animals cannot, making them one of the healthiest animals. Interestingly enough, they have a diet high in fiber and low in sugar – two things that make them healthy!

Quokkas are known as “silly rats” because their faces appear permanently perplexed by human behavior. Known for their cute faces and cuddly nature, quokkas are an exciting addition to any home!

Threats to Quokkas

As previously stated, quokkas are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to their declining numbers in the wild. 

This is primarily because of habitat loss due to human activities such as development, grazing, logging, and conversion of forests to agricultural lands. In addition, this marsupial is also threatened due to poaching and wildfires.