Cute Rabbit Names: Best Name Ideas for Your Rabbit

Consider using words associated with your favorite season or activity when naming your rabbit. For example, fall names like Bailey, Benny, and Bonnie, or winter names like Winnie and Bunny. Choose a rabbit name in many ways, so find one you’ll love and stick with it. You won’t regret it!

Disney Rabbit Names


Skippy is a rabbit who loves to adventure and run around – he’s highly active and always on the go! His name aptly reflects his outgoing personality – lively, fun, and full of life! Perfect name for a bunny who loves to play – Skippy is sure to have you hopping with joy! It doesn’t get much more perfect than this.


Clover is a sweet bunny who loves to eat just about anything. Her name, Clover, means ‘Clover’ in French, which aptly describes her kind heart. An excellent name for a rabbit who loves to enjoy different foods! She is very friendly and enjoys playing with her friends.


Three rabbit names are perfect for rabbits with a lot of energy and who love to show it off. Fuzzy Wuzzy, Bruiser, and Thumper all describe the softest, cuddliest bunny around – perfect for those bunnies who want to be pampered every day! Thumper embodies everything lively and energetic about rabbits – he loves to jump around like crazy and dance on his hind legs!


Bruiser is great for a rabbit with a strong personality who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. He’s also got the muscles to back up his bark – the perfect name for an active rabbit who loves to play rough!

Bean Bunny

You are introducing Bean Bunny – the cutest rabbit around! He’s a lovable bunny who loves to play in the forest and eat beans. If you’re looking for a name that will make your rabbit feel confident and happy, check out our list of names perfect for bunnies. Bean Bunny is also soft, cuddly, and loves fresh fruit. So don’t wait any longer – adopt him today!

Famous Rabbit Names

Bugs Bunny

There’s no one quite like Bugs Bunny. He is the rabbit name that instantly brings images of mischief and fun to mind! From playing tricks on humans to eating carrots as fast as he can, Bugs always has a lot of bunny fun going on. 

And it’s not just humans who love him – rabbits also seem to have a soft spot for this lovable rabbit! So if you consider naming your rabbit after Bugs Bunny, choose the right name first. There are many great options, but only one will truly suit your bunny!


If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly rabbit, look no further than Flopsy. This bunny has an adorable name and loves to play – making it perfect for families. Slightly shy but with a big heart, this furry friend is also a fast runner and very active. A great choice as a family pet, Flopsy is ideal for people who want an indoor rabbit who enjoys getting outdoors to run around once in a while!


At first glance, Hop may not seem like the most exciting rabbit name. But don’t underestimate these cuddly bunnies – he has a lot to offer! For one, Hop is the first bunny to be documented as being imported into England from continental Europe. 

This makes him quite famous, and cute rabbits worldwide have taken to naming their babies after him. In addition to his charming moniker, Hop is also known for his lively disposition and love of hopping around. If you’re looking for an energetic bunny friend who will make your days brighter, Hop might be perfect for you!


If you’re looking for a rabbit that is loved by all, take a look at Miffy. This playful and cuddly bunny was born in 1955, making her one of the newest rabbits on the market. Known for her long ears and big smile, this rabbit will make any family happy! 

Miffy is perfect for anyone who loves stories, whether during playtime or cuddling at bedtime. Her name comes from the author of children’s books who created her to capture kids’ imaginations just like she does herself!


If you’re looking for a name that perfectly embodies your rabbit, why not go with Pat? This cute and cuddly name will surely bring a smile to the face of any bunny lover. Alternatively, try something unique like Gizmo or Biscuit. Names inspired by classic children’s books are always great choices – names such as Hazel, Milo, and Winston will instantly capture your child’s fancy!


If you’re looking for a playful rabbit to share your home with, Bobo is the perfect candidate! His name may sound like a baby’s name, but he is quite an adult rabbit. He loves to play and has big ears and a cheeky attitude, making him fun to be around. Plus, his playful nature makes him great company for anyone who wants some lighthearted fun in their life!

Cute and Cool Bunny Names


There is no denying that Oreo makes your heart skip a beat. This lovable bunny is also one of the most famous names among bunnies, so get creative and come up with something unique to call your bunny. If you want to make sure that your bunny stands out from the rest, give them this cute name. Not only will they love it, but other bunnies will be able to spot them more quickly too!


This playful bunny is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face with his cheerful personality and adorable looks. Whether playing or just chilling around, Snowball is guaranteed to brighten up any room. Another great rabbit name to consider if you want something unique and funny-friendly!


This bunny name reflects rabbits’ fun and playful side, making your pet stand out from the crowd. There are many other cool rabbit names on this list to get creative with, too – so have some fun picking one that suits your little friend best!


If you’re looking for a name that’ll stand out, consider naming your bunny Ripple. It’s perfect for someone with curly hair – and it has the word ripple in it, so there’s no doubt why! Similarly, Huckleberry is a cute name that conjures up images of a mischief-making bunny who loves to play around. Daffodil sounds like it would make an adorable rabbit happy – and its meaning perfectly reflects this!


If you’re looking for a bunny that all will love in your family, look no further than Marshmallow. This lovable bunny makes everyone smile with its cute and cuddly fur. But, as one of the most famous rabbit names, Marshmallow is bound to become very popular in your household too! Parenthood doesn’t mean giving up on fun – try adopting this adorable bunny today and enjoy years of happiness together!


Popcorn is a cute bunny that loves to eat popcorn. He’s clever, fun, and cuddly, making him perfect for any business that sells food items or snacks. Plus, he makes an ideal mascot for your company or product – customers will love him!


Domino is a unique bunny that belongs in any home – it’s perfect for kids and adults alike! Its playful attitude, aristocratic name, and cute ears will make everyone smile if you’re looking for something special to add to your garden. Domino is the bunny for you!


The Spot is perfect for rabbits who are active and enjoy running around. He is also great for bunnies who like to be around people – making him the perfect bunny friend! His playful nature makes Spot a joy to be around, and he loves nothing more than playing fetch with his owner or going on long hikes together. 


Dice is a bunny who loves to play games, and she’s the perfect companion for active families or kids who love playing outside. She has a lot of energy and constantly moves around like a dice – making her the perfect rabbit for anyone who wants an active bunny friend!


This energetic rabbit loves nothing more than settling down with a good cup of coffee – and you can be sure she’ll bring plenty of excitement and life into yours too. We’ve compiled the cutest rabbit names inspired by coffee, so check them out if you’re considering adding this energized bunny to your family. In the meantime, happy naming!


If you’re looking for an adorable name for your bunny, give Taz a try. It is derived from the Tasmanian Devil and could be fun if you are into horror movies. Alternatively, it could be used as a nickname or pen name for someone who loves animals.

Other Inspiration For Rabbit Names

Pop Culture 

There are many rabbit names out there that you can choose from. Some of the most famous names include Hermione, Severus, Buffy, and Ixia. While these names may be familiar to some people, there are also unique rabbit name ideas like Fozzie, Bunnie, or Flopsy that might be perfect for your bunny friend! 

Think about movie and TV titles to help inspire you further when naming your bunny friend. For example, you could get inspired by movies such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings to create cute rabbit names. Remember that rabbits are known for their intelligence, so make sure your name is clever too! 

If you’re looking for a unique bunny name, consider one of these options: Ditzy Doozeye Dolores Dorothea Dottie Dumpling Fuzzy Wuzzles Zipper Zaphod Beeblebrox!

Natural World 

When it comes to naming your rabbit, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why it’s essential to consider what names will suit them – not just the popular ones like Mickey or Minnie. Some ideas for natural world rabbit names include Bobwhite, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and White-Tailed Deer. 

You can also try to name your bunny after places or things you love! For example, if you live in a place with lots of greenery nearby, go for a name like Garden Rabbit or Forest Rabbit. If you own an automobile, call yours Car Bunny!


As for food-related rabbit names, go ahead and choose whatever you like! They’ll love knowing that their name reflects their favorite snack. After all, rabbits are lovable creatures who enjoy eating and snacking (to some extent). So make sure to think of something cute and fun when naming your bunny after food.

Girl Bunny

It’s bunny name season! Consider things like Abbey, Bonnie, and Dottie if you’re looking for cute bunny names. Alternatively, try out more masculine names like Drew or Bartimus. If you’re feeling adventurous, go with Ollie or Flopsy. But whatever you do, make sure to pick your favorite name and start calling them up everywhere you go! 

White Bunny 

When it comes to cute rabbit names, white rabbits reign supreme! If you’re looking for a name that starts with the letter “W,” try Willow, Whitney, or Wanda. For a unique rabbit name, consider something like Winnie or Woodrow. Other good choices include names that start with the letter “M,” like Mandi, Mandi-Mae, and Mandi-Lee. 

Black Bunny 

Choosing the perfect rabbit name can be tricky, but that’s why we’ve got you covered! Here are some cute black rabbit names to get you started: Blaze, Nocturne, Tenebrous, and Dusk.