Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes: Ways to Keep Your Tomatoes Safe From Squirrels

Yes, squirrels eat tomatoes. This fruit is a good food source for these critters. If you want to keep squirrels away from your tomato plants, there are a few things that you can do. First, make sure that there is other food available for them. Second, ensure that your garden is well-maintained and the plants are in good condition. Third, you may use deterrents such as bird feeders or netting.

Why Squirrels Eat Tomatoes

Squirrels love tomatoes because the sugar in this fruit attracts them. So if you want to keep your tomato plants safe from being eaten, it’s best to pick varieties that are not as sweet as others. So keep an eye out for squirrels, and be prepared to feed them if they get too close to your plants.

How to Keep Squirrels From Eating Your Tomatoes

Squirrels are notorious for raiding vegetable gardens, and tomatoes are their favorite food. While you can take many measures to protect your tomatoes, the most effective way to prevent squirrels from raiding your garden is to start early. 

You can cover tomatoes with bird netting once they start to grow, install a tomato stake, or put a metal cage around the plants. Keep in mind that all of these measures need to be taken after the fruits have started to grow so that they are not too late! 

Pruning your tomato vines regularly will help to deter squirrels. Additionally, netting can surround entire plants and is effective at repelling animals for up to two years. Adding deterrents such as soap, oil, or bird seed to the ground around your plants will also keep them away. 

If squirrels are becoming a problem, installing a wire cage around your tomatoes can be helpful. However, remember that this may not be a permanent solution, so keep up with regular pruning and plant maintenance to keep squirrels at bay!

Hot Pepper Tea

One way to keep squirrels away is to make a hot pepper tea and give out small batches around your garden before planting tomatoes. The chili peppers will repel them, making it difficult for them to find food. You can also use this method when they are most active in the fall. Remember to reapply the tea as needed!

Get a Dog or a Cat

Dogs and cats are great solutions for keeping squirrels away from plants. They bark to scare the critters off, and their excrement may contain seeds that tomato growers want to avoid. In addition, you can put a wire fence around your plants, or logs set at the base can make an obstacle course for squirrels trying to steal your tomatoes.

Create Barriers for the Squirrels

Make sure there are no easy access points for the critters – this includes grilles, holes in the fence, etc. installing motion-activated sprinklers will scare them away when they get nosy!

Remove Any Food and Waste

Removing any food and waste from your garden is an essential step to keeping squirrels away. Keep all fruit and vegetables in a secure place so squirrels can’t reach them. Use bird guards or netting to keep the birds away from your tomatoes, and then remove any food waste immediately.

Use a Squirrel Repellent 

If you’re having trouble keeping squirrels away from your tomatoes, there’s no need to worry – you can use a repellent! Please ensure the repellent you choose is designed for squirrels, and be vigilant when watching them in your garden. 

A scarecrow makes an excellent deterrent – ensure its twigs and branches are covered in leaves or straw so as not to look appetizing!

Companion Planting for Your Tomatoes

One way of deterring squirrels is by filling up a bird feeder with seeds that the squirrels don’t like. Place it near your tomato plants, so the pests have nowhere to go! Another deterrent is by planting brightly colored vegetables nearby. This will distract the critters from stealing your tomatoes.

Scare the Squirrels

Make a loud noise when you spot the squirrels, so squirrels get scared and leave immediately. Use deterrents or netting to keep the squirrels away from your plants. These can be hung around tomato plants, for example, or placed around other high-traffic areas like branches of trees. You could also install spikes around the base of the plant to prevent them from climbing up.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler System

Keeping your garden safe from pesky squirrels is easy with a motion-activated sprinkler system. The system detects movement and sends a stream of water towards the intruder, keeping them out of your plants and fruit trees. That said, the sensors will activate the water when a squirrel is detected in the area, thus discouraging them from coming back.

It is easy to install and does not require wiring or drilling – replace the old sprinkler head with the new one! Make sure that the sensor is placed at a suitable height and radius to cover all areas of your garden.

Scarecrow Sprinkler

There are a lot of benefits to installing scarecrow sprinklers in your garden. Not only will they help keep squirrels away, but you can also use them to control other pests. Additionally, strategically placing them around the garden will ensure they’re effective at repelling such pests. Finally, place scarecrows in high-traffic areas so that they cover a large area quickly and efficiently!

Alternative Food Source

Squirrels are a common problem in gardens, and they can be a real menace if they get access to your tomatoes. However, other food sources are available to them if you’re worried about them eating your plants. 

For example, consider planting cucumbers or melons, which squirrels are unlikely to eat. If that doesn’t work, you can try placing bird feeders in your garden to attract different birds and provide them with a healthy meal. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want to install deterrents on your property – but keeping an eye out for squirrels is always a good idea!