Do Squirrels Eat Bugs: List of Insects That Squirrels Eat

Yes, squirrels do eat insects! They are known to scavenge food sources that contain insects. Squirrels are omnivores, and as such, they will eat a variety of food items like insects, but it’s not something that you’ll see them regularly doing. Squirrels can consume a wide range of insects; some common types include caterpillars and beetles!

Squirrels As Natural Insect-Eaters

Squirrels eating insects keeps furry rodents healthy and their populations high. Squirrels usually eat smaller insects but can also consume larger ones if they find them. They use their sharp incisors to break down the insect’s hard exterior shell, extracting all of the nutrients that the bug contains. Squirrels are one of the only mammals known to eat insects regularly. 

Other Insects That Squirrels Eat

Insects are an important part of the squirrel’s diet. They contain essential nutrients for their survival, making up a large part of the squirrel’s diet. Squirrels eat insects as part of their regular diet and can digest them better than other types of food. This helps to ensure these small creatures get the nutritional value they need to stay healthy.


Squirrels eat ants because they are a source of protein. Ants are more accessible to catch than other prey, and squirrels scavenge food from areas where humans have left food waste behind. It is not unusual for squirrels to eat ants- but they will eat them if there’s no other food option.


It is not uncommon to see squirrels hunting down worms in the garden, but they will eat them if there’s no other food option. Worms are a particular food source that is high in protein.


Mealworms are insects that squirrels love to eat, as they are high in protein and energy. It is not unusual for squirrels to find food in the garden that contains insects, including mealworms! Provided these feeders/feeder items are placed where squirrels can quickly get them (such as near a tree), there’s no reason your garden should be without this lively little critter!


Squirrels are known for their omnivorous diet, which includes various food items, including caterpillars. While some people may be alarmed at the thought of squirrels eating their caterpillars, this is not abnormal behavior. 


Squirrels are rodents, and as such, they are known to consume a range of food items. However, it is unclear whether or not squirrels eat spiders. Although there is evidence that some species of squirrel may prey on spiders, it is more likely that these creatures scavenge them from the environment rather than hunt them down specifically. 


This may be a way for squirrels to scavenge food, as cockroaches are easy prey. However, there may be some instances where squirrels consume cockroaches, but this doesn’t mean that this is their primary food source.

Other Foods Squirrels Can Eat


You can give squirrels nuts as a gift to show your appreciation or try out feeding them some during winter when food is scarce. In addition to being nutritious, nuts make an excellent snack for these animals. Squirrels love eating various things, but nuts tend to be at the top of their list – making them the perfect food source!


Squirrels might be raiding your crops for seeds or other food items, but don’t worry – they have a great sense of smell which helps them find food in harsh conditions. Squirrels are considered among the world’s most intelligent and versatile small mammals!

Fruits and Berries

Squirrels primarily eat fruit and berries, but they’ll also eat nuts and seeds. A squirrel will devour about half its body weight in plant food each year! 


If you have particularly crunchy vegetables for their taste, squirrels may also enjoy consuming them. Aside from feeding squirrels elsewhere to discourage them from becoming too dependent on eating vegetable matter from your garden – make sure there is plenty of other food readily available for them, so they don’t get knackered looking for a snack!

Tree Bark

Squirrels crave tree bark! Tree bark is high in calcium and other minerals that the squirrel needs to grow strong bones. The squirrels like its taste because it’s similar to their food of choice – nuts! So if you have any tree bark lying around your garden or backyard (or even inside), be sure not to leave it unguarded – squirrels might stumble upon it sooner than you think!

Bird Eggs

Squirrels are omnivorous animals that feed on various food items, but eggs make up the bulk of their diet. They eat seeds, nuts, and fruits, but eggs are their mainstay; they find them an excellent source of energy during winter.

Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs are a particular favorite as they provide squirrels with essential nutrients 

they need it. While it is possible, it’s unlikely that squirrels will come specifically to eat lawn grubs – this would be an unusual event and not part of their natural diet. So if you see squirrels eating lawn grubs, the most likely explanation is that this is part of their regular dietary routine. 

Squirrel’s Well-Balanced Diet

Squirrels are adorable little creatures, but they’re also predators. They need a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Please ensure not to overfeed them sugary treats as this will quickly lead to overweight squirrels. If you notice them getting too big for their boots, feed them a little less until they’re back to their average weight. 

Be sure to keep an eye on their weight and adjust their food as needed – you don’t want them getting sick. Squirrels are active animals and need the right amount of nutrients to survive. Feed them a diet that is high in quality, and they’ll be happy as a clam!