How to Keep Squirrels Out of Flower Pots: Tips for Keeping Squirrels Away From Your Plants

One of the most effective ways to keep squirrels out of potted plants is using deterrents like motion-activated lights or a scarecrow. You may also use squirrel repellent, plant squirrel-resistant plants, and set up a squirrel barrier. Keep in mind that squirrels are adaptable creatures, so you may have to tweak the methods you use from time to time. 

Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of Potted Plants

Use a Shop-Bought Deterrent (or DIY)

To get squirrels off your plant, you can use various deterrents – physical or chemical-based. Physical deterrents like spikes or nets work well but are likely to harm the plant. For example, chemical-based ones like peppermint oil spray need to be applied carefully to avoid damaging the foliage too much. 

If you’re DIYing your repellent, make sure that you read the instructions carefully first!

Get a Cat

Cats are naturally good at repelling squirrels and enjoy playing with them. Cats typically don’t mind getting up close and personal with squirrels – as long as there are plenty of toys to play with! 

If you already have a cat who likes chasing squirrels around, teach them how to repel them using these simple methods!

Pick Up Some Essential Oils

Try using some essential oils as natural deterrents to keep squirrels at bay and your plant safe. For potting flowers in soil or cactus mix (provided the plant doesn’t require too much water), keeping the pot clean is crucial – otherwise, the soil will become unbearably dirty, and pests will thrive. 

If you’re planting potted plants outdoors like a garden or balcony (where squirrels aren’t indigenous), installing bird feeders next to them can also be an excellent way to attract these cute creatures away from your blossoms!

Catch Them Out With Coffee Grounds

Another effective way of repelling squirrels is by using coffee grounds. Place a few tablespoons around the pot’s base and replace the grounds every two weeks. This will keep squirrels away from your plants and stop them from digging up precious soil nutrients.

Ward Them Off With Water

For those who don’t want to trap or poison squirrels, there’s another solution – water! By filling your plant pot with plenty of water and planting it near fences or buildings where the pests tend to hang out, you can keep them away while allowing water and fertilizer to reach the plant’s roots.

Make Them Come to Their Senses (Literally)

There are a few things you can do to make squirrels think twice before raiding your crops: 

1. Plant plants that the squirrels don’t like – such as thistles or nettles- to act as repellents and keep the rodents at bay. 

2. Use deterrents such as noise makers, scarecrows, and motion-activated lights to drive them off your property. Remember that they can’t steal anything if you can’t see them.

3. There are some simple measures that you can take to protect your flowers from squirrel damage; for example planting barriers around flower beds or using bird feeders with baffles explicitly designed for this purpose.

Arrange Large Pebbles Around Your Pots

To keep squirrels away from your flower pot plants, try arranging large pebbles around the base of the pots. This will make it harder for them to reach the plant’s roots and steal their food. In addition, make sure you remove any food leftovers that may have been left in the pot – this will help deter squirrels from entering in the future.

Cover Your Pots in Fabric or Metal Mesh

One effective way to keep squirrels out of your potted plants is to cover them in fabric or metal mesh. This will make it difficult for the pests to climb and reach the plants, which will help you preserve your plant’s health.

Distract Them With Food

One of the best ways to keep little ones occupied and distracted is by using food as a form of entertainment. To do this, make sure all the food is out of reach of squirrels (they are fast learners!) and give them places to play but make sure it’s away from your plants – they love to chew on wires! 

Another way you can keep them busy and amused is by keeping your garden or pot constantly filled with tempting items like bird feeders or fruit trees.

Give Them a Sharp Warning With Forks or Sticks

Use a fork or a stick – whichever is more effective in scaring squirrels off – to clarify your point. Be sure there’s no food for them so they won’t return. Make sure the plant pots are large enough so squirrels can’t get inside and climb up the container; place it in a sheltered area if possible. You might also need to secure the pot with wire mesh or caging.

Scare Them Off With Shiny Objects

Try using shiny objects to scare squirrels off – they find it difficult to cling to something that is so brightly polished. Make sure you have enough of these items around the garden for squirrels to get a good look at before making their next move! 

Grow Plants That Squirrels Hate

You may grow taller plants, so squirrels have to jump up to get to the leaves – this will discourage them from attacking your flowers.

Get a Dog

Dogs are one of the best ways to keep squirrels away. They naturally have a territorial instinct, and you can also train dogs to protect their property against squirrels. If you already have a dog and don’t want it attacking squirrels, getting pepper spray or bells is an effective way to deter them. 

However, if you already own a dog and want it to prevent your flower pots from being raided by squirrels, ensure that the dog is properly trained not to attack them!

Create a Rock Barrier

Use a rock barrier to keep the critters away. To create a barrier of rocks around the pot, start by positioning the rocks in a circular or arced pattern. Make sure there is at least 1 foot of clearance between the rock barrier and the plant itself – otherwise, squirrels will be able to get their hands on your flowers. 

The stones should be large enough so they can’t climb over them but small enough, so they don’t get injured when trying to reach for flower petals.

Create a Wire or Mesh Barrier

One popular way to repel squirrels is installing a wire mesh or netting fence around the plants. It will make sure that those critters will not be able to go near your flower pots.