How to Keep Squirrels Out of the Garden: 7 Effective and Easy Ways You Should Try

To keep squirrels out of your garden, ensure that you install bird feeders in places they can’t reach. Scare devices like plastic tubes filled with birdseed or nuts can keep them at bay, while tall trees and barriers around plants can keep them out of vegetable gardens. 

7 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out of the Garden

Squirrels can be a nuisance as garden pests, but there are ways to keep them at bay. To further discourage squirrels, place food plots away from vegetable gardens and create barriers around plants with wire mesh or screening materials. If all else fails, install scare devices and tall trees to keep them out!

1. Removing Things

To keep squirrels out of your garden, make sure there are no food sources for them and clean up any spilled food regularly. In addition, ensure all food is stored in a squirrel-proof container and that your garden is well-maintained and free of obstacles squirrels can jump on.

2. Repelling Them

Squirrels can be a nuisance in gardens, especially when hungry or looking for food. Keeping your garden squirrel-proofed and shooing them with repellent will make life significantly harder for these pests. 

You can also scare the critters away by using deterrents such as bells or tubes around the garden, motion-activated lights, wire mesh on windows and doors to prevent entry from animals, bird netting over fruit trees to prevent damage by birds and squirrels, or silicone sealant to seal cracks and crevices in gardens.

You may also use repellent products that contain citronella oil (which will smell terrible). This natural repellent should work well even if there’s snow on the ground cover.

If all else fails, call an expert! A professional wildlife removal service will get rid of pesky critters quickly and without trouble. So don’t wait – take action now to keep your garden free from squirrels!

3. Distracting Them With Sunflower Seeds

One way to keep squirrels away is by feeding them sunflower seeds in the garden so they cannot feed on them or steal your other plants. You can also buy devices such as scarecrows to scare squirrels away from your garden.

4. Scaring Them

There are various methods that homeowners can use to scare away pests from their properties. Deterrents include chicken wire garden barriers, noisemakers such as air horns or electric shock devices, and keeping pets indoors when gardening.

5. Excluding Them With Chicken Wire

There’s no need to get your hands dirty when it comes to keeping squirrels away – all you have to do is use some chicken wire and repellent products. Instead, place chicken wire around your garden’s perimeter and ensure it is tight against the ground.

Make sure you have a strong fence that is tall enough and topped with barbed wire to keep them out completely. Hang a bell around the trunk of your tree to scare them away – this will also act as a deterrent for other animals that might want access to food stored in bird feeders or peanuts inside your garden!

6. Protecting Your Garden

Keeping your garden clean and free of food attractants is the best way to keep squirrels away. Install a squirrel-proof fence around the garden if you want to completely cordon them off from entering. 

Alternatively, place deterrents such as bells or scarecrows in strategic areas that will make them think twice about digging in your garden again. If you’re worried about bird feeders attracting pests, try sprinkling bird seed over the feeder with fresh fruits instead! Not only will this discourage squirrels from raiding your feeder, but also birds!

7. Keeping Them off Your Bird Feeder

Well-meaning bird feeders are a favorite food source for squirrels and other small critters. So if you’re struggling to keep them off your feeder, you can take some simple measures. 

For example, a pole or cage will help deter squirrels from getting too close. Also, place the feeder in an area where they’re unlikely to get it – such as at the back of your garden or on the ground below it. Putting food away in inaccessible areas is also an effective deterrent against squirrels. Finally, if all else fails, install bells or coconut shells around your garden as deterrents against these pesky creatures!

Why Squirrels Are Bad for Your Garden

Anyone who’s gardened knows the dreaded squirrel. They love scratching at plants, leaving them wilting and dead. Squirrels are also skilled climbers, which makes them great at accessing high up in a garden. They also leave behind droppings that can contain harmful bugs and parasites! Worst of all, squirrels are known for spreading seeds by defecating on the ground – this can result in weed infestations.

Natural Foragers

Squirrels can be a nuisance, destroying crops and trees in the garden while trying to find food. They also damage structures such as bird feeders or wire fences. If you have to deal with them, the best way is by using humane methods such as trapping and relocation. Repellent deterrents may also help keep squirrels away from your garden area.

Pesky Ransackers

Squirrels are pesky critters that can damage your garden in a hurry. They love to eat all the seeds, nuts, and fruit in your garden- leaving you with nothing to harvest! If squirrels are causing problems in your garden, it’s best to install squirrel-proof wire mesh fencing around the area, so they have no access!