Is Rabbit Poop Bad for Dogs: Keeping Your Dog From Ingesting Rabbit Droppings

No, rabbit poop is generally not bad for dogs, but a few potential dangers are associated with this animal’s droppings. In particular, rabbit poop can contain parasites, harming your dog’s health. 

If you’re concerned about your dog’s health, you must consult a veterinarian to discuss your options.

Harmful Parasites in Rabbit Poop

Rabbit poop can contain parasites, so it’s essential to be aware of the risks. For example, if you’re concerned about parasite exposure in your home, speak with a veterinarian about testing and treatment options. 

Parasites can harm your pets, so remove all the feces around the house. In addition, keep an eye out for any changes in behavior or health indicators on your pup after introducing a rabbit into its environment.


If you own a rabbit, it’s essential to keep an eye on their poop – as feces can contain coccidia, which can harm your rabbit and your dog. If your dog ingests any of the droppings from your bunny, it could develop intestinal blockages that can even lead to death. 

When rabbits defecate, they spread coccidia, which is harmful to dogs and humans. Therefore, it is best to keep them indoors where there are fewer chances of getting sick or encountering these parasite-rich droppings in the first place.


Giardia is one of the parasites in rabbit poop that can harm your dog. Therefore, it is essential always to clean up after your rabbit and properly dispose of its poop to avoid any health risks for your pet. 

If diarrhea, vomiting, or seizures occur in your dog along with signs of parasite exposure (coughing blood), it’s best to take them straight to the vet for further Inspection and treatment. 

In addition to rabbit droppings being laden with parasitic infections, which can infect dogs, it is also advisable that humans avoid eating raw vegetables if they happen to come into contact with fecal matter from rabbits.


Leptospira is a parasite that can harm dogs if ingested in large quantities. It is also essential to keep your dog vaccinated against leptospirosis, as the virus can cause serious illness in both pets and humans. If you notice your dog becoming ill after playing with a rabbit, it’s best to bring them in for an examination by a vet as soon as possible.

Why Dogs Eat Rabbit Poop

Dogs are naturally curious and love to investigate new things. For example, eating rabbit poop allows them to explore something new that they may be interested in. It is also possible that your dog has pica – a condition in which some dogs eat objects that are generally not eaten, such as rabbit poop. 

How to Stop a Dog From Eating Rabbit Poop

Many dog owners are unsure of what to do when their dog starts eating rabbit poop. Eating rabbit poop can harm your dog’s health and even be fatal. Keep an eye on your dog and remove any rabbit poop left around the yard. 

If your dog is eating rabbit poop, you can do a few things to stop the behavior. For example, you can use verbal commands instead of physical punishment. 

Provide a Nutritious Diet

It is essential to keep an eye on your pet’s weight and make sure they are eating a nutritious diet. Please ensure you include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Feed them small amounts at a time so they don’t get addicted to eating rabbit poop!

Hide the Taste

If your dog is eating rabbit poop, there’s no need to deal with the smell and mess. The best way to keep him from wanting to eat it again is by hiding the taste. To do this, mix a little apple cider vinegar with water and pour it into a small bowl. This way, you will dissuade him from consuming rabbit poop in the future.

Teach “Leave It”

Dogs are natural scavengers, and they like to eat rabbit poop. To stop your dog from eating these droppings, you need to teach them “leave it.” You can do this by rewarding your dog when they leave the poop alone or punishing them if they eat it. So be consistent with this method and be patient – over time, it will work!

Distract Your Dog

There’s no need to get upset when your dog starts eating things you don’t want them to. It can be helpful to make some loud noises or put a rabbit in their territory so they know not to eat its poop! 

Another way of distracting your pup is by providing enough toys and treats. If you have to take them outside, do it with a leash or confined in a yard with a fence – both of which keep them busy and distracted from exploring the wrong areas.

How to Stop Dog Rolling in Rabbit Poop

It can be pretty frustrating when your dog starts rolling in rabbit poop. If you’re not careful, this habit could quickly become a regular occurrence.

Never punish your dog for doing what comes naturally – punishing them will only worsen the problem! Instead, try teaching them alternative behaviors such as fetching or working as a distraction while you clean up the messes they’ve made.

Make sure that any area near rabbits live is appropriately cleaned and free of food or feces, so your dog won’t think it’s an excellent place to roll in their droppings. This includes areas around windows, doors, and yards within the enclosure.

If these measures don’t work, you should train your rabbits to use an appropriate litter box. Unfortunately, as with most things parenting-related, positive reinforcement is usually more effective than punishment!