Types of Rabbits: Most Popular Pet Rabbit Breeds

Pet rabbits come in all shapes and sizes – more than 80 domestic rabbit breeds – but a few are especially popular as pets, such as American rabbits, French lops, and Himalayan blue rabbits.

Pet Rabbit Breeds: A List

Rabbit breeds come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even rabbit breeds for those who want an active and calmer pet.


If you’re interested in owning a rabbit but don’t want to deal with high-maintenance needs, the Himalayan may be the perfect option! This rabbit is very hardy and can live in cold climates, making it an excellent choice for those in colder climates. Additionally, its long coat helps it to stay warm in colder weather, and its fur absorbs moisture well.


Not only are Alaskan rabbits active, but they also have soft fur that is perfect for those cold winters outside. Alaskan rabbits are also among the most common rabbit breeds in the world, so chances are you’re familiar with them.


There are many rabbits, but the American rabbit is the most common. They are versatile and can be used for breeding, show rabbits, or household pets. Their fur is soft and easy to care for, making them great house pets.

It has two types of droppings – cecotropes and coprolites. Cecotropes are small, round droppings that are easy to clean up, while coprolites are more giant, more irregular droppings that can be difficult to clean.

American Chinchilla

An American chinchilla is an excellent option if you’re looking for an intelligent pet that doesn’t require much attention! They are easy to care for, requiring only essential feedings and occasional vet visits. They are noted for their playful nature and are great for people who want an easy pet to take care of.

American Sable

If you’re looking for a pet rabbit that’s sure to be a hit, opt for an American sable rabbit. They make great family pets and enjoy a wide range of activities. American sables are a popular type of rabbit because they’re friendly and easy to care for.

They’re also good competitors in the show ring, which means you can earn a lot of money with this breed. So if you’re considering a rabbit as a pet, check out the American sable!

French Lop

French lop rabbits are the perfect pet for those who want a low-maintenance, easy-going rabbit. They have long ears and a round head, making them look cute.

They’re also great for people with allergies, making very little noise. So it’s essential to feed your French lop rabbit hay, pellets, and vegetables daily to maintain their health and happiness.


If you’re looking for a soft, luxurious, and gentle pet, angora rabbits may be the perfect fit! These furry friends require minimal care once you get them home, and their long lifespan makes them a wise investment choice.

If you’re looking for an exotic pet that doesn’t consume a lot of space, angora rabbits may be the perfect option!

Argente Rabbits

If you’re looking for a pet rabbit, argente rabbits may be an excellent option. These rabbits are also known for their gentle nature, making them great family pets. For example, Argente rabbits can be found online or in pet stores and come in several colors and sizes.

Besides their soft fur, these rabbits are also bred for their meat – their meat is incredibly high in protein. So if you’re looking for a new rabbit on your list, Argente rabbits may be a great choice!

Belgian Hare

If you’re looking for an active rabbit that likes to play, look no further than the Belgian hare! These rabbits require a lot of space, hay, fresh vegetables, and water to live a happy life.

They also come in a variety of colors and markings, so be sure to pick the one that’s perfect for you. Belgian hares are among the most famous rabbits because they’re intelligent and playful. They’re great for families and can be trained to do tricks.


There are many rabbits, but the Californian is the most popular breed in North America. They typically don’t require as much exercise as other species of rabbits, making them a good choice for people with busy schedules.

Californians are also a hardy breed and make great family pets. They have short coats that can be any color you wish. So, if you’re looking for a rabbit that you can customize to your liking, the Californian is the one for you!

Checkered Giant

Consider the giant checkered rabbit if you’re in the market for a pet rabbit. These rabbits are herbivores and primarily eat grasses, flowers, leaves, nuts, fruits, and seeds. They are considered invasive in some areas, so it’s essential to know if they’re allowed where you live before adding one to your home.

If you’re looking for a different pet rabbit, the checkered giant is the perfect option. They are native to South America but can also be found in North America and Europe.


Rabbits are the cutest of creatures and make great pets. If you’re thinking of getting one, know the basics first. For example, cinnamon rabbits are a type of rabbit that require special care.


Dutch rabbits are lovable animals that make great family pets because they’re social and playful. Dutch rabbits are a kind of rabbit that is known for their soft fur and large ears.

They can be bred in captivity, so there’s an endless supply of these lovable animals available to buy or adopt! So if you’re looking for a rabbit produced for your specific needs, check out Dutch rabbit breeders!

English Lop

English lop rabbits are popular among pet owners because they are friendly, easy to handle, and come in various colors. These rabbits require plenty of hay, fresh vegetables, and water per day and should be kept in a warm and dry environment.

Be sure to get a rabbit that matches your personality – they come in various breeds and colors, so there’s bound to be one that you love. English lops are also very active, so be prepared for lots of fun when bringing one home. As a bonus, these rabbits make great pet rabbit options due to their low maintenance requirements.

English Spot

English spot rabbits are among the most popular rabbit breeds because of their easy care and long lifespan. They are small enough to be handled easily but big enough to be active.

They need hay, fresh vegetables, and a water bottle filled with fresh water daily. English spot rabbits breed quickly in captivity, so if you’re looking for a new rabbit friend, this may be the type for you!