What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cage: Things You Need to Prepare

Some essential supplies that guinea pigs need in their cage to live a comfortable life are bedding, toys, fresh water, and food. They also need plenty of space in their cage.

Essentials for Your Guinea Pig’s Home

Setting up a guinea pig cage is essential in guinea pig ownership. Make sure you have bedding, food, water dishes, toys, and a litter box before you start. Once you have these items, it’s time to set up your guinea pig hutch.

A suitable guinea pig hutch should provide your cavy with a snug fit so they can’t escape and enough space to move around and exercise. It’s vital to ensure the pen is fit for your cavy’s size and personality, as well as the size of the cage. Guinea pigs are social animals, so make sure their home is right for them!

Choosing a Guinea Pig Cage

Choosing the right guinea pig cage is essential for both your guinea pig and yourself. Make sure you select the correct size of cage for your pet. Think about features and consider whether you’ll need additional pens or objects to keep the pet occupied (e.g., chew toys).

Make Sure the Cage Is the Right Size

Guinea pigs need plenty of space to play and run around, so buying a cage right for their body size is essential. Guinea pigs also love having many different heights in their cage – this way, they can explore every nook and cranny! If you have multiple guinea pigs, ensure to provide them with a pen with various levels, so they all have their own space.

When it comes to the cage itself, there are few things more frustrating than trying to open the door for your piggy friend to slip out before you manage! To prevent this from happening, choose a cage with a wire mesh top – not only will it look stylish, but guinea pigs won’t be able to escape (unless they’re very agile!).

Decide on the Kind of Cage

Consider the materials used in construction, as this will affect how sturdy and well-made the cage is. Make sure the enclosure is secure enough that your pet will only be able to get out slowly. Provide your pet with plenty of toys and enrichment material to stay entertained throughout their lifetime.

Bedding Dos and Don’ts for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs need plenty of bedding to feel comfortable and safe. Hay is an excellent fiber source that provides plenty of chewing opportunities and helps digestion. Additionally, guinea pigs sleep in soft, warm beds made of hay, straw, or a mix of both.

Use Wood or Hay Bedding

Guinea pigs sleep in their bedding, so keeping it clean and fresh is essential. Wood or hay bedding is a good choice, as guinea pigs love burrowing. It’s also important not to use overly soft bedding materials, as guinea pigs might suffocate if they get stuck.

Use Fleece

Fleece is not recommended as a bedding material for guinea pigs, as it can be rough on their skin. Guinea pigs need soft and comfortable bedding to sleep in comfortably – something like hay, straw, or woolen blankets are much better choices.

Don’t Use Paper Bedding

Paper bedding is not recommended for guinea pigs as it can harm their respiratory system. Instead, clean their cage once a week and provide plenty of fresh vegetables, hay, or a mix of both to chew on.

Don’t Use Pine or Cedar Wood Shavings

Pine and cedar shavings are not suitable for guinea pigs – they contain chemicals that can harm the pet. If you have to use these shavings, make sure they are shredded into small pieces and spread evenly throughout the cage.

Don’t Use Corn Cobs

Corn cobs are not a good bedding material for guinea pigs as they can be a choking hazard. Instead, shredded paper, hay, or straw are ideal options. Guinea pigs also like to chew on things, so bedding made from recycled materials is necessary – this way, you’re ensuring that your pet has plenty of fresh food and something to do while cooped up.

Don’t Use Sawdust

Guinea pigs don’t like sawdust as bedding material – it’s dusty and hard to clean, which is not great for their respiratory system. Hay, softwood shavings, or a mixture of the two are all much better options. Guinea pigs love to build nests, so make sure there are plenty of wood chips around as bedding material!

Don’t Use Straw

Straw is not the best option for guinea pigs as it is a fire hazard and can lead to health problems. Hay and fresh vegetables are better choices because they aren’t dangerous. Make sure their bedding is cleaned and replaced regularly to avoid health problems.

Don’t Only Use Newspaper

There are better options than newspapers if you want your guinea pig to stay healthy and comfortable. Instead of using newspaper, try using natural materials such as hay, wood shavings, or straw. If your guinea pig likes to dig, add sand or small stones for them to play with.

Items and Supplies for Your Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs are small but friendly creatures that need a lot of space in their cage. They also need a large water dish to drink without getting down on their hands and knees. If you have a guinea pig, ensure you have all the essentials in its cage so it can live a happy and healthy life!

Food Bowl

Guinea pigs are social animals and need plenty of space to run around. A food bowl should be big enough for them to chew on and explore and easy to clean. Keep a water bottle or jug close so they always have a drink available.

Water Bottle or a Bowl

Guinea pigs need water, food, and a place to sleep. A water bottle or bowl is the perfect solution for them! Ensure that the cage you buy is big enough for your guinea pig to move around and explore; they will love having plenty of space to run around.

Bridges and Shelters Around the Hutch

Guinea pigs need a place to hide and a bridge from one side of the cage to the other. Please make sure there are also shelters on both sides of the cage so they can escape danger.


Toys are always welcome for guinea pigs – this will help to keep them stimulated and amused. If your guinea pig is not getting enough stimulation from toys, he may start chewing on objects inside their cage. This isn’t good for their teeth or health, so try to provide them with different types of toys that they can chew on.

Apart from playtime, water bottles, fresh vegetables, and fruit should also be part of their diet to ensure a healthy guinea pig. Guinea pigs need plenty of exercises – put them in a playpen for fun!

Cleaning Products

Remember to stock up on cleaning products when shopping for pet supplies! Not only will you need them to clean the water bottles, food dishes, and cage, but you’ll also need them to wipe down toys and the floor.

Grooming Products

Guinea pigs are delightful pets, but they also need a lot of care and attention to stay clean and healthy. One of the most important things you need to do is get grooming products for your guinea pig.

There are a few different grooming products, each with specific needs. The best way to know what suits your guinea pig’s needs is by consulting with an expert or reading product reviews.