What Kills Rabbits at Night: Your Rabbit’s Predators at Night and How to Avoid Them

Some of the main predators of rabbits at night are foxes, wolves, weasels, owls, snakes, cats, and dogs. Rabbits are crepuscular, and these animals are specially designated to kill prey active in the dark! Rabbits are cute, cuddly animals that we all love. But they’re also susceptible to deadly predators at night. So if you’re unaware of what kills rabbits at night, you could be in for a lot of pain and heartache.

Rabbit’s Night Predators


Foxes are the primary predators of rabbits during the night. If you live near a forest, you may always see foxes hunting for rabbits! Instead, they hunt by stalking their prey and pouncing on them when they least expect it. Other animals, like snakes and cats, can also kill rabbits, but foxes are the most common killers.


Cats are one of the most efficient predators out there, and they make great pets. They are natural hunters who can easily catch prey unawares. Ensure your cat is fed well and kept indoors to avoid conflicts with rabbits – cats usually eat rabbits during hunting events. 

If you have a rabbit in your garden, ensure that you keep an eye on your cat at all times, as it may hunt it down if given a chance. To help protect the pet-rabbit relationship, some devices also act as alarms when a cat approaches or catches prey by surprise. All in all, cats make excellent companion animals for those with gardens full of rabbits!


Bobcats are ambush predators that prey on small mammals such as rabbits. They are the primary predator of rabbits at night, and keeping your property free of these predators will help to keep your rabbit population in check. Rats that kill rabbits at night include raccoons, skunks, and opossums. Knowing this information, you can better protect your rabbitry from these animals!


Dogs are a common predator of rabbits, and they can be dangerous to your pet if not supervised. If you live in an area where rabbits are common, it is essential to protect them by fencing in the rabbit areas or installing alarms. 

One of the most dangerous times for rabbits is at night when dogs are out hunting. Ensure your dog is always under control when out and about – never leave them unsupervised! In addition to being able to dispatch prey quickly, packs of dogs can also cause great harm by ripping apart small prey items.


Wolves are the predators that kill rabbits at night. They have sharp teeth and strong jaws that can easily break the bones of a rabbit’s skull. Dogs and other animals like foxes can also be predators of rabbits, but wolves are the leading killers. Wolves hunt in packs, so it is a challenging task for them to take down a rabbit single-handedly.


Coyotes are a common predator of rabbits and other small mammals. They are fast and agile, making them very difficult to catch. If you live in an area where coyotes reside, keeping your rabbit safe by using a fence or secure enclosure during the night is essential. 

A rabbit killed by a coyote usually has its throat ripped open, indicating that this is not something you want to experience! Coyotes also have sharp teeth, which can quickly kill a rabbit – make sure your bunny is well-protected at all times!


Raccoons are the main predators of rabbits at night. If your garden is unsecured, raccoons will raid your rabbit population and cause them to multiply quickly. Make sure to fence your garden well to prevent this from happening! Raccoons are also very agile and can dash to catch their prey. They have sharp teeth and claws that help them catch their prey easily.


Hawks are one of the most important predators of rabbits at night. They are swift and agile birds that can catch their prey with ease. Other predators that prey on rabbits at night include owls, snakes, and cats. Always be vigilant when outside at night – keep an eye out for hawks and other predators!


Falcons are one of the best predators of rabbits. They’re quick and agile, able to catch prey with ease. It’s essential to keep your garden safe by installing rabbit fencing so these birds can hunt without interruption. Other predators like snakes, hawks, and owls can also take down rabbits if they get the opportunity at night. 


Owls are amazing animals that have evolved to survive in unique and different ways. Besides their sharp talons and acute eyesight, owls also possess a beak specially adapted for strangulation or asphyxiation of prey. They hunt by spotting prey in the dark, then pouncing on it quickly and precisely.


Weasels are amazing animals, and their skills in hunting make them one of the top predators of rabbits. They have excellent eyesight and can spot their prey from a great distance – often before the rabbit even realizes it’s there! Their sharp claws help snag the prey without causing too much injury, while their teeth quickly dispatch it.


Stoats are one of the primary predators of rabbits at night. They have sharp teeth and can quickly kill a rabbit. Keeping your property clean will help to reduce the chances of stoats finding food or shelter, reducing their prey base. 

Protecting Rabbits from Predators

No one wants to think about predators regarding their rabbits, but it’s essential to be aware of their dangers. Ensure outdoor areas are well-lit and predator-proofed so your bunnies can’t get into trouble. Some of the most common predators are hawks, owls, and snakes.

To keep them safe, use fencing to surround your property. This will help to keep them safe from these threats. Additionally, ensure they have plenty of fresh food, water, and shelter from the weather. And last but not least, keep an eye on them during the night to ensure they’re safe!

There are many ways to protect rabbits from predators – some of which are more effective than others. 

Keep Your Rabbits Indoors

Keeping rabbits indoors is the best way to protect them from predators. Doing this can reduce your rabbit’s exposure to diseases and parasites that can harm their health. For example, if you have outdoor rabbits, ensure they are locked up at night so they don’t get preyed upon by predators. This includes cats, foxes, hawks, and owls – all of which can kill a rabbit in one swift swoop!

Predator-Proof the Rabbit Hutch

It is essential to predator-proof the rabbit hutch so that predators don’t get attracted to it. By fencing it in or installing a security gate, you ensure that no one can enter without your permission. It is also essential to watch at night and ensure that nothing comes in contact with the rabbits while they sleep. 

If necessary, install a motion-sensitive alarm to scare predators away from the cabinet. Lastly, clean up any food or water spillages around the cabinet, as this will help deter predators from getting close enough to prey on your pets.

Make Your Yard Predator-Unfriendly

Another effective way to protect rabbits from predation is by installing predator fencing around their enclosure. It’s easy to set up and relatively affordable, making it one of the most cost-effective protection measures you can take. So always be vigilant in your neighborhood and report any unusual activity – this will help authorities keep an eye on things!


There are several ways to keep predators away from your rabbits. One of the most effective measures is to install wire mesh around the garden perimeter and install a security camera to monitor activity. It’s also essential to ensure no food or water is left outside the cages at night – this will scare off foxes and other predators. If all else fails, use a noise maker to scare them off!

Make Your Yard Unappealing to Predators

Outdoor pet rabbits are adorable and cuddly, but they can be prey for predators if not adequately kept safe. Keeping your lawn short, planting rough-textured plants in the shade, and installing bird feeders will make your yard unappealing to predators. Predators may shy away from an area where there is potential food nearby.

Keeping Your Pets Away From Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are great companions for people of all ages, but they must be aware of some dangers they face. 

Training a Dog Not to Kill Rabbits

One of the biggest dangers in dogs who are known to kill rabbits at night. To keep dogs away from your rabbit hutch, ensure adequate food and water, put up some tall hedges around the perimeter of your property, or place some scarecrows in strategic areas near the buffet. One of the best ways to keep dogs away from the cabinet is to install a pet gate.

Train your dog to stay away from the buffet where rabbits live by rewarding them when they obey commands. For example, you can use physical barriers such as fencing or netting or behavioral barriers such as obedience training. If you have multiple cabinets, it is essential to vary the location and type of barrier for each one to keep your dog guessing.

Training a Cat Not to Kill Rabbits

One of the best ways to prevent cats from attacking rabbits is to ensure your property has tall grass or plants that cats can’t jump onto. If all else fails, you may need to call an exterminator. One of the most effective deterrents for cats is to install fencing around your property. 

If you need to call in the exterminator, have all the necessary paperwork ready, including proof of purchase and a detailed description of the pests. You can also try using animal repellents and setting up a noise machine to scare off cats if necessary. Remember that rabbits are prey animals, so they may not be too keen on the smell of cat urine or feces.