Where Do Squirrels Poop: All About Squirrels’ Poop

Squirrels will poop anywhere where there’s enough food and water, and they tend to poop in natural areas such as trees or parks. If you live in an area where squirrels are common, you may notice them pooping on your property from time to time. If you want squirrels to poop on your property less, try keeping an eye out for the sign that they’re using your property as a bathroom – droppings, tracks, or damaged vegetation.

Squirrels and Where They Poop

Squirrels poop a lot, and their feces predominantly comprise grasses and leaves. This helps squirrels digest their food more efficiently and helps them to avoid parasites and other health issues. When squirrels try to hide their poop from predators, they may bury it under debris or in trees. Knowing what to look for will help you identify when a squirrel is depositing waste in your yard!

As They Walk

Do squirrels poop as they walk? Yes, they do! But, to figure out where they’re going and their poop-related routine, it’s important to watch them closely. Keep an eye out for shredded limbs or scrapes on trees, as this signifies squirrels frequent that area. If you live where squirrels poop, cleaning up their droppings regularly is essential to avoid pest and disease infestation. 


Some people think they poop in a pile, while others believe squirrels’ poop is scattered around. This includes leaving piles of droppings in an area. In some cases, squirrels poop to mark territory. This includes leaving piles of droppings in an area.

Where They Nest

Squirrels poop where they nest, but you won’t see it because it’s small and easy to avoid. Their droppings are also small enough to be avoided by the wind, so you won’t have to worry about them making a mess in your backyard. If you see an animal’s poop, don’t be alarmed. It’s just doing its thing!


Squirrels poop in trees a lot. So if you see a lot of poop around your tree, it’s probably because a squirrel is living nearby. Their droppings mostly contain nuts and seeds, so they’re not very harmful. Just remember that squirrels poop, which doesn’t mean you have to avoid them! You can still enjoy their company by feeding them nuts and seeds or playing with them in your backyard!

On the Ground

Squirrels poop on the ground. It’s always best to call an animal welfare organization if you see a squirrel pooping. Otherwise, remember that it’s not common, and squirrels typically poop in a tree or bush if they have one available. If you see a squirrel poop on the ground, it might be injured or sick and must be handled cautiously.


If squirrels poop on your lawn, make sure to rake it up and dispose of it properly – squirrel poop is not easy to clean up! Squirrels like to poop in the trees, but they may venture down to the yard if there’s a food source available. 

Plants and Nuts

Squirrels primarily poop on plants and nuts. When they eat these items, they leave poop marks on the ground that look like poop. If you see poop on your car or in other areas around the house, clean it up! Not only will it make your home look tidier, but squirrel poop can contain harmful parasites that can infect your pets.

The Appearance of Squirrels Poop

When looking at squirrel feces, it is essential to distinguish between fecal pellets and droppings. Fecal pellets are small and round, while droppings are larger and more elongated objects that may be segments of an entire animal or plant. Squirrels poop pellets to help spread the feces around so that it can decompose more quickly, and squirrels poop droppings to help them digest the food they have eaten.


The size of the poop squirrels corresponds to the size of the squirrel – small creatures produce small poops, while more giant creatures produce bigger ones. So next time you’re out walking around and notice that little squirrel scurrying about, don’t be surprised if you see their droppings!


Squirrels poop to disperse their scent, which can smell like maple syrup or tree bark. If you have bird feeders in your yard, watch out for tiny pellets that could contain the squirrel’s droppings! If you see a squirrel near your home, they may use the area for bathroom breaks. 

How Often Do Baby Squirrels Poop?

Squirrels are adorable little critters; no one loves a squirrel more than kids. But did you know that squirrels poop? Yep, baby squirrels poop once a week on average. This rate increases until they reach around six months old, at which point it decreases slightly. 

Knowing your squirrel’s poop location is essential, as this will help you determine the kind of food they’ll eat next. For example, squirrels that poop in the garden will likely eat fruits and vegetables, while squirrels that poop near the house will likely eat nuts and seeds. So, keep an eye out for poop, and feed your squirrels the right food – they’ll thank you!

The Danger of Squirrels Poop to Humans

Squirrel poop can be toxic to humans, and the toxins in that poop include lead and arsenic. Although it’s rare, eating or coming into contact with the toxin could lead to poisoning symptoms. Their droppings contain many toxins that can be harmful to humans if ingested. This includes compounds like squirrel hides, which are used to kill squirrels.


Squirrels are one vector for leptospirosis, and exposure to their feces can result in serious health problems. If you live where common squirrels are, avoiding contact with their feces is essential. Clean up any spills immediately, and wash your hands thoroughly afterward!


Salmonellosis is a severe infection that can be easily preventable. The best way to do so is by avoiding all contact with squirrels and their poop! This includes anywhere they are found, such as parks, offices, schools, etc. You can also spread salmonella bacteria through contact with infected animal feces- especially squirrels.

Getting Rid of Squirrels Poop

  • Before calling in the professionals, ensure the area where squirrels are poop-ing is inaccessible to humans and other animals. 
  • If trapping doesn’t work, you may need to call a professional animal removal service. 
  • Once you’ve managed to get rid of the squirrels, cleaning up any messes as soon as possible is essential to avoid attracting more squirrels. 
  • Options for cleaning up squirrel poop include using a vacuum cleaner, shovel, or broom. 
  • If you can’t do it yourself, you can try baiting them with food or setting small traps to capture them. Happy squirrel-free living!