Where Does Rabbit Live: Various Places Where Rabbits Can Be Found and How They Survive

Rabbits live all over the world. Specifically, they live in areas with plenty of grasses and leaves, such as forests and woodlands, because these are their primary food sources. They’re also usually found in open fields, woods, or near water sources. 

Where Rabbits Live in the US

Most rabbits in the United States live in six states: California, Florida, New York, Texas, Michigan, and Illinois. They live in underground warrens, or hutch complexes, which can contain several hundred rabbits.

Rabbits can be found throughout North America, primarily in open areas. They also have different habitats during the different seasons and are more active during the winter. They also use their fur to keep them warm during the winter months. In addition, these tiny creatures eat a wide variety of things, including vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Wild Rabbits

Where They Live

Wild rabbits live in diverse parts of the world and can be found anywhere from North America to Europe and Asia. In America, wild rabbits are usually creatures of the open plains, grasslands, and forests of eastern North America. 

While they can be found in various habitats, rabbits prefer areas with lots of vegetation for cover. As their name suggests, they are considered “wild” rabbits as they are not caged or domesticated. 

They are usually shy but can become aggressive when defending their territory or breeding area. One of the main reasons for their decline is human encroachment on their habitat – specifically farming and deforestation. Wild rabbits mainly eat plants, but as forests disappear, they have more difficulty finding enough food to survive. 

Where They Sleep

As nocturnal animals, rabbits spend most of their time hiding away in dense undergrowth or secure burrows. When it is time to mate, they take to meadows and fields as open areas tend to disturb them. They are also known to live in underground warrens, which can be found anywhere from gardens and parks to industrial estates.

Their Diet

Their diet consists mainly of small mammals, invertebrates such as worms, insects, and other seeds – but also fruits when available. So, next time you’re out and about and spot a small, cuddly rabbit in the undergrowth but darting through, know that you’re witnessing one of nature’s wildest creatures in action!


Wild rabbits are pretty social animals that prefer to live in groups. They are also relatively fast runners and can easily outrun predators. Fast runners can cover much ground in short periods and have been classified as one of the fastest creatures on Earth! 

These energetic little fellows feed on a range of food items and are known to be quite aggressive when defending their territory or prey. 

Jumping Abilities

Rabbits are amazing creatures that can jump very high! They have been known to jump up to 4 feet high. This powerful ability comes in handy as rabbits use their burrows as homes and protection from predators and parasites. 


Wild rabbits have an instinctual response to danger, running away as fast as possible or using their eyesight and ears to detect potential predators.

Domestic Rabbits

Rabbits are small mammals commonly kept as domestic pets. They are native to most of the world but are not found in extremely cold or hot weather. Most rabbits live in sheltered areas such as cabinets, barns, warrens, or other sheltered areas. 

Rabbits have long been considered pets, but their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years. This is mainly because they are considered one of the cleanest and most humane pet animals. 

Captive rabbits can provide an excellent opportunity for rabbit enthusiasts as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are bred and raised in an indoor environment, which allows them to be housed more densely than wild rabbits. 

Additionally, many types of captive rabbits are available from various breeders worldwide. So, if you’re interested in adding a rabbit as a pet to your family, be sure to do your research first so you can pick the right one for you!

Space Needed by Domestic Rabbits

Rabbits are small animals, so they do not need a giant cage, so please provide them with plenty of toys and fresh vegetables to keep them entertained! 

If you have more than one rabbit, you’ll need to buy them a giant cage or multiple cages. In addition, make sure to keep them in different parts of the house so they can avoid fighting each other.

Physical Activity Is a Must

Rabbits need plenty of physical activity to keep them healthy. They should be let out during the day to run around and play and given opportunities for enrichment activities like toy-chewing or digging. 

What to Feed Rabbits

A good diet for rabbits includes hay, fresh vegetables, water, and occasional treats such as fruit or seeds.

Rabbits are cute and cuddly animals, but they need a balanced diet and plenty of exercise to stay healthy. Ensure their living area is clean and free from harmful objects or chemicals – these can be dangerous for rabbits. Check your pet rabbit regularly for health problems and take appropriate action if needed. 

Rabbit Entertainment

Rabbits need a lot of stimulation to keep them entertained. Playing music or making noise can do the trick! Ensure their food and water are fresh and plentiful, too – this will help keep them happy. Provide plenty of hiding places, so they won’t get bored – rabbits love running around!