Will Guinea Pigs Kill Each Other: Causes of Aggression and How to Manage Them

Guinea pigs may kill more miniature guinea pigs when in a fight. They are social animals, and fighting is a natural way to assert dominance and protect their territory. If a war breaks out, take action quickly to prevent further injury or death. Try separating the two animals and placing them in separate cages.

Reasons Why Your Guinea Pigs Fight

Paired Incorrectly

Guinea pigs are social animals that need a partner of the same personality type. If you don’t have guinea pigs that match, they will start to fight. This can be a pain in the neck, as fighting guinea pigs can create a mess and damage your house.

Knowing which type your guinea pig is helping determine its pairing or cage mate; get them matched if you don’t already have four piggies! If there’s fighting going on, it might be time for you to take apart your piggies and figure out their personalities again – this way, they will not feel frustrated or upset with one another.

The Cage Is Too Small

Guinea pigs are social animals and need plenty of space to play and exercise. A small cage will not give them enough room to move around, leading to fights and boredom. You can buy guinea pigs in pairs or trios so that the cage size will be more significant. If you cannot find a duo or trio that fits your home, you can try looking for a rescue center or pet store that runs guinea pig adoptions.


As guinea pigs become increasingly bored, they may start fighting each other. This can be a frustrating experience for the owners as fights often get out of hand and result in injuries. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent or solve this problem. For example, providing the guinea pigs with toys, playtime, etcetera, can keep them occupied and prevent them from fighting excessively.

Suppose the fights continue even after all these measures have been implemented. In that case, it is best to either get rid of one guinea pig or train them using positive reinforcement methods so that aggression doesn’t take over shortly!

Unsafe or Stressed

Guinea pigs are social animals and will fight if they feel threatened or unsafe. This is usually the case when they’re kept in unsuitable conditions or stressed due to captivity or lack of space. If you’re noticing that your guinea pigs are fighting more often, it might be a good idea to provide them with a safe environment and plenty of toys and playmates.

Fights usually don’t last long, so it’s best to intervene as soon as you notice the signs. Guinea pig fights are generally easy to resolve, so don’t be afraid to get involved if you think the situation is getting out of hand!

Choosing a Mate

Female guinea pigs fight to choose a mate. The fights usually happen when the female is ready to mate, and the male tries to win her over. The arguments can get pretty brutal, with females biting and scratching their opponents until one of them wins or dies. This fighting behavior helps choose a suitable mating partner for reproduction – it determines who will be able to breed successfully.


Fights for dominance between guinea pigs can be short but fierce and usually occur over the territory of the home cage. Male guinea pigs typically emerge as the victor, but there have been cases where one guinea pig may be injured or killed in the fight.

In this hierarchy, the male guinea pig, who is the dominant male, will be the one in charge. If fighting becomes a problem, try training your male guinea pig using positive reinforcement methods. This will help to establish dominance and keep the guinea pigs safe.


Guinea pigs are social animals and might fight if the weather conditions get too hot or humid. The hotter it is outside, the more likely guinea pigs will fight; foggy conditions also make them aggressive.

If you notice your guinea pig behaving strangely or getting into fights with other guinea pigs in the enclosure, it’s essential to take action immediately! Check for any injuries and try to find a solution by adjusting their environment (adding fresh hay and water bottles). You might have to call vet help if these measures don’t work.

Preventing Guinea Pigs From Fighting

Guinea pigs can be a lot of fun, but they can also get into fights. If the argument gets out of hand, it can be dangerous for both guinea pigs and humans. Here are easy steps to stop a guinea pigs fight before it gets too severe:

  • Be patient when introducing new guinea pigs. Please don’t force them into the cage, and make sure you give them time to get to know each other.
  • Choose the correct gender of the guinea pigs to put together. Male and female guinea pigs are different in temperament- male guinea pigs are more aggressive than female guinea pigs. Therefore, housing them together should be avoided whenever possible as this often leads to tension between the animals, which isn’t suitable for either one!
  • Make sure you have enough space for the guinea pigs – they will need plenty of room to play.
  • Provide each guinea pig with its own space and access to food and water. Make sure you introduce new guinea pigs slowly so there’s no competition for resources.
  • Please put them in separate cages until the territoriality has subsided.
  • If the fight is still ongoing, get an animal expert’s help.

Knowing When Guinea Pigs Are Playing or Fighting

Guinea pigs are social animals and will enjoy playing with others when they’re healthy – don’t stress if you don’t see this behavior often! When guinea pigs start to play or fight, they’ll make an “acoustic” noise with their noses and ears. You can hear this noise from a distance, so it’s a good indicator of what’s going on in the pen.

If you see blood or injured guinea pigs, immediately take them to a veterinarian for emergency care. Guinea pigs are also sensitive to noise, so make sure your home is quiet when they’re in it – playing music, TV, or any other loud noises can scare them and lead to fights or injury. Be sure to supervise your guinea pigs playing so they don’t get hurt, and enjoy their socializing moments when they’re in the best shape!