Can Rabbits Use Cat Litter: The Safe Litter for Your Rabbits

Yes, rabbits can use cat litter. However, while cat litter is perfectly safe for rabbits, there are better options for their environment. Instead, use rabbit litter pellets or a litter box that is specifically designed for rabbits. Not only will this keep your rabbit safe and healthy, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Cat Litter Types to Avoid


One of the common problems with rabbit owners is clumping. This happens when urine and poop fall together, forming a rigid block that needs to be broken down before you can eliminate it. 

Clumping can lead to accidents and odor issues, making care for your pet rabbit difficult. To prevent clumping, switch your rabbit’s litter regularly (every two weeks seems to work best). 

If they use cat litter, clay-type litter is the best option as these will not clump up. Additionally, keep an eye on their diet – providing them with the proper nutrients will help keep their system functioning normally!


Clay litter is not recommended for rabbits as it can cause digestive problems; you should add hay or fresh vegetables to their diet to help digestion. 

Toilet training a rabbit will be much easier if you use a litter they are accustomed to. As mentioned, the best type of litter for bunnies is something with a clay base – this way, it absorbs urine and feces better and prevents odor formation.


Crystal is the most harmful type of litter for rabbits as it absorbs uric acid and other toxins from their urine. This can lead to health problems such as blockages in their bladder or gastrointestinal tract or urinary tract infections (UTIs). Make sure to avoid this type of litter to keep your rabbit free from such health issues.

Rabbit-Safe Litter Characteristics

Rabbits are tiny animals that can be pretty messy. They can also harbor parasites that can harm them and the people in their lives. To avoid any potential problems, use suitable litter for your rabbit. 

Like all animals, rabbits can be litter-phobic. That’s why it’s essential to get them a litter that is safe for them as well as easy to clean.


Non-toxic litter is specially designed to keep your rabbit safe and healthy. Plus, as the droppings are small and light, the litter will not clog up your filters as regular cat litter might!


Chemical-free litter is not only safe for your rabbit, but it also keeps your home clean and free from unpleasant smells. 

Highly Absorbent

Many rabbit owners opt for safe litter for both animals and provide freshness and odor control. A high absorbency rate is essential for litter, so there’s usually less need to clean the cage frequently.

Safe Rabbit Litter Alternatives

Make sure to choose a product compatible with your rabbit’s diet and health habits, as well as the climate and litter box conditions in which they live. Keep your rabbit clean and parasite-free by using safe rabbit litter alternatives!


If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly litter option that is easy to clean up, paper products might be perfect. They are also safe for your rabbit and simple to use – add a little bit of fresh litter into the bin every time your pet uses it. Some brands even come with disposable liners if you need to change them.

Natural Wood Fibers

One of the best litter options for rabbits is wood shavings. They absorb urine and feces well, so your rabbit stays clean and safe. You can make your litter by shredding paper or grass clippings, but be sure to change it regularly, or your rabbit might get sick from breathing in tiny litter particles.

Corn Pellets

Corn pellets are litter made from fresh ingredients without chemicals or fillers. They are great for rabbits as they don’t suffer from the problems that other litter can cause, such as odor control issues or clumping. 

You will need to add more water when using corn pellets, as this type of litter absorbs moisture better than other types. However, it is one of the most famous rabbit litter available on the market today.

Newspaper Pellet Litter

Rabbits need a litter box that will absorb quickly, providing them with an uncontaminated space to relax. Newspaper pellet litter is perfect as it absorbs quickly and leaves your rabbit’s territory clean every time. 

Different newspaper pellets are available on the market, so make sure you choose the right one for your bunny’s needs. For example, some bunnies prefer softer pellets, while others like harder ones. 

Whatever type of rabbit you have, they will love newspaper pellet litter! It’s easy to clean up – scoop out the clumps and replace them with fresh litter once a week.


Straw is a popular material for creating litter enclosures for rabbits. It is easy to clean and absorb quickly, making it the perfect choice for bunnies who love to chew on things (especially straw!). However, ensure you remove the straw regularly, as toxic build-up can occur over time. 

Wheat-Based Pellet Litter

Wheat-based pellets are an excellent litter option for rabbits as they don’t create any mess. Furthermore, various wheat-based litter is available that caters to different rabbit needs and preferences. The pellets are easy to clean up and have low odor levels, making them perfect for rabbits sensitive to smells.