Do Squirrels Eat Apples: Tips for Feeding Apples to Squirrels or Preventing Them From Doing So

Yes, squirrels do eat apples. Apples are a huge part of squirrels’ diets, and they usually prefer to eat the apple core. The apple core is high in sugar and other nutrients beneficial to squirrels. The apple skin and seeds are also eaten but to a lesser degree.

Apples for Squirrels

Squirrels love to eat apples, and apple trees are their favorite fruit source. So if you see a squirrel eating apples from your apple tree, it’s not necessarily bad. Sometimes you can find an apple core in a tree where a squirrel has been dining on apples. 

Watching the squirrels in your garden and seeing if they have a cone-shaped nest made of apple shells will help you determine if they’re actually eating apples or just raiding the tree for food. 

Apple Core for Squirrels

The apple core is a source of nutrients for squirrels, and there is no evidence to suggest that it is harmful. Squirrels are natural eaters and will consume the apple core. So, you can relax and go about your business – the apple core won’t harm your squirrels. Just make sure to provide them with plenty of food options to stay safe and healthy!

Apples for Baby Squirrels

Apple trees are a favorite because they provide many food options for baby squirrels – such as nuts and seeds. Baby squirrels need lots of nutrients to grow and develop properly. So, if you see a baby squirrel on your property, offer it some spider fruit (a type of apple).

Additionally, remember not to feed squirrels any junk foods or sugary treats, as this can negatively affect their development and health. Ultimately, providing baby squirrels with a nutritious diet with plenty of fruit is essential.

Benefits of Squirrels Eating Apples

Apples may not be the most nutritious fruit, but they’re still high in sugar and nutrients that squirrels love. Some benefits of apple-eating squirrels include keeping the trees in the garden fed and away from other food sources, such as bird feeders. 

You can feed apples to squirrels in various ways – by hand, with a feeding tube, or using a bird feeder with seeds inside. Please ensure the apple is fresh and that the squirrel gets enough exercise by playing with them regularly. Keep an eye on your bird feeders and remove any new food if it attracts too many squirrels! This way, you’ll minimize their chances of raiding your feeder constantly.

How to Feed Apples to Squirrels

Best Way to Feed Apples to Squirrels

Feeding apples to squirrels can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can give apples directly to the squirrels or put them in an area where they can find them easily. Make sure to remove your apple tree from any wires, as this could be fatal for the squirrels. 

Watch Out for Apple Cores

Apple cores are a favorite food of squirrels, which can be an issue if you’re trying to keep your yard tidy. Instead, please provide them access to a hidden place where they can feed without being seen. And make sure not to leave apple cores around – these items will give squirrels the perfect excuse to raid your trashcan! 

Alternatively, feeding them fresh fruit like apples is a much better way of keeping them entertained and out of trouble. They get lots of energy in this form so they won’t bother anything else in your yard.

Give Them Small Pieces Only

Cut the apple into small pieces and put it in a container with some nuts or seeds – they will love this meal! Squirrels will enjoy a healthy diet that includes pieces of apples. Do not give whole apples to the squirrels, as they will spoil and get sick.

Don’t Feed Them Apples regularly

If giving them apples regularly starts causing problems down the track (e.g., damage to property or crops), then it might be best not to give them any at all until the situation has calmed down.

You may also try feeding them different fruits – they will probably prefer those over apples.

Wash the Apples First

Before giving the apples to the squirrels, wash them in a pot of water. This will remove any dirt or pesticides on them and any harmful bacteria that might cause ill health in the squirrels.

Allow the apples to dry completely before putting them out for the squirrels to eat – this prevents rain from getting inside and causing mold or mildew growth. Keep your apple trees clean – by washing them regularly, you’ll keep away pests like aphids, wasps, whiteflies, etc., while protecting against bacterial diseases like apple scabs, which can kill tree trunks.

How to Keep Squirrels From Gorging on Your Apple Trees

Commercial Deterrents

Keeping squirrels away from apple trees is not a challenging task – all you need to do is install some deterrents. Some of the most effective methods include baiting feeders, making loud noises, or placing scarecrows around the tree. 

However, ensure that you keep an eye on your apples and remove any damaged fruit. If squirrels get enough apple supplies, they may end up raiding your tree!

Bag Up Your Apples

Keeping your apple trees well-covered will deter squirrels from targeting them. If you want to bait and trap squirrels, place small pieces of fruit around the apple tree’s trunk to lure them in. 

Make sure there is always food available, so they don’t develop a taste for human food. Alternatively, use wire mesh cages or bird feeders to keep the squirrels out of your apples. Clean up spilled food – this will help reduce their attraction toward humans and their inclination to target apple trees.

Plant an Apple Tree Just for the Squirrels

Plant an apple tree just for them. The apples will provide the squirrels with plenty of food and shelter, stopping their raiding habits in their tracks. In addition, the apple tree will also keep other animals, such as birds, away – ensuring that all the goodies are kept within bounds!

Get a Squirrel Feeder

A squirrel feeder can provide them with a steady stream of food all year round. Be sure to clean the feeder regularly so that it doesn’t become an annoyance for you or the squirrels! Place the feeder in an area where the squirrels are most likely to visit, such as near your apple trees. 

Other Fruits That Squirrels Eat


As far as eating apricots is concerned – while they are certainly among the Squirrels’ favorite fruits – they’re not typically trendy overall. Also, it’s best not to give them access to too many of them. Instead, apricots contain a high amount of sugar, making them unhealthy for squirrels. 


Yes, squirrels eat cherries. They are one of their favorite fruits. You may see them raiding your fruit trees if you have many in your garden, but they usually only eat the ripest fruit.


Squirrels are omnivorous animals that eat a lot of different things, including figs. They love figs just as much as apples.


Squirrels love mangoes – particularly the sugar and calories found inside them. If you want to keep your mangoes safe from pesky squirrels, make sure to slice or cube them rather than leave them whole, so they’re less tempting.


Peaches are a favorite among squirrels because they are high in sugar content. If you notice your trees missing fruit or if the squirrels are raiding your orchard, it might be time to remove the peaches from the tree.


Squirrels are omnivorous and will eat anything edible – even plums! If you want to keep squirrels out of particular fruit trees or bushes in your garden, feed them their type of fruit specifically for this purpose. Cleaning up any uneaten plums can also help deter pests from coming around.