Do Squirrels Eat Suet: Squirrel’s Nutritious Diet

Grey squirrel in a eastern winter Ontario woods bellies down to eat a rich ball of seed and fat (suet ball)

Yes, squirrels do eat suet. Squirrels are omnivores, which means that they’ll eat a variety of things, including suet. This is because the suet feeder provides the squirrels with an excellent food source – suet is high in protein and provides them with the necessary nutrients. Also, suet is high in energy and contains essential vitamins and minerals needed for squirrels to survive during the winter months.

Benefits of Suet to Your Squirrel

Quality Nutrition

A squirrel-busting suet feeder is an excellent way to provide your backyard birds with high-quality nutrition while also getting some good exercise. Not only will they be healthier, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping wildlife in your neighborhood.


Suet offers excellent convenience as you no longer have to search for food. All you need to do is put some suet (or bird seed) inside the feeder and watch as the squirrels come running! They will be eating from the feeder and smashing it open, resulting in all sorts of fun!

Simple Maintenance

  • Squirrels will get used to the noise and smell of the feeder over time. 
  • No need to buy special feed or attractants – just put out suet and watch the squirrels come to the feast! 
  • Provides a natural food source for squirrels that is easy on your bird feeder, providing them with sustenance without having to spend extra money 
  • Suet can last for up to 6 months if frozen.


If you’re looking for a way to protect your bird feeder from squirrels, then a suet feeder is the perfect solution. Not only will it keep the birds away, but it also wards off pesky rodents that might be attracted to the food.

Squirrel-Buster Suet Feeder

Squirrels are pesky little creatures that love to raid bird feeders. If you’re looking for a way to discourage them, try installing a squirrel-buster suet feeder. This feeder will slowly release the food so that the squirrels can’t get their hands on it quickly. It’s also easy to set up – hang it in a tree near the feeder and fill it with food. Not to mention, this device is effective at repelling other animals like raccoons and bears. 

Other Foods That are on Squirrel’s Diet


Squirrels eat bread. When feeding them that, make sure your bread is fresh and dry before feeding it to the squirrels, and don’t feed them food that you wouldn’t be happy to eat yourself. But, like any pet, feed them what they’re food-motivated to eat, and don’t overdo it.


Squirrels primarily eat nuts, seeds, and fruits. Different nuts have different flavors and textures, so be sure to experiment! For example, they love the crunchy texture of hazelnuts and the sweetness of almond nuts. Nuts provide a high-protein diet that is essential for their survival. Nutritional information on the label is important because it will tell you what nutrients are in the nut. So squirrels, go nuts!


Apples are an essential part of a squirrel’s diet. Apples are a good source of nutrition for them, but they prefer nuts and seeds. If you do see a squirrel eating an apple, it’s most likely because it is scavenging for food. In the wild, squirrels will eat anything they can find to help them survive, so don’t be too surprised!


Squirrels do eat carrots but are sure to remove any uneaten vegetables from around your plants so they don’t become a nuisance. Feeding your garden enough carrots for the squirrel population to eat will keep them away from your crops. They enjoy these vegetables’ crunchy texture and sweetness, so feeding them is the best way to keep them away!


Meat is essential to a squirrel’s diet and provides them with vital nutrients and energy. You can provide your local squirrels with food by storing nuts and seeds outside in bird feeders or containers. If you see a squirrel eating meat, don’t be alarmed – it’s just following its instincts!

Fat Balls

You can feed your squirrels by putting out fat balls. Ensure the balls are placed where squirrels cannot get to so they don’t become spoiled or sick. Squirrels are mammals; like other mammals, they need to eat food high in fat. Fat balls make excellent food for squirrels because they contain the right amount of fat. 


Squirrels may eat mealworms as a source of protein, but this can harm your home and garden. They can be pretty destructive, raiding bird feeders and compost bins. 


Squirrels eat mostly small animals, such as mice, because mice provide the squirrels with the protein they need to survive winter. 

Other Foods That Shouldn’t Be on Squirrel’s Diet


Squirrels are also known to feed on small birds and other animals, which can have serious consequences. They tend to prefer seeds and nuts but will also eat small birds and other animals. They can cause severe damage by feeding on large numbers of birds or their eggs. So, if you’re bird-lovers, be on the lookout for squirrels and take the necessary.


Squirrels can technically eat chocolate, but it’s not the ideal thing for them to do. Chocolate is poisonous to squirrels. So the best way to avoid squirrels from raiding your feeders is to ensure your chocolates are stored away from places where animals can reach them – like on top of the fridge!

How to Squirrel-Proof Suet Feeders

Squirrels are active feeders and will quickly consume feeder bird food. To keep the squirrels away and the feeder bird food in good condition, you will need to squirrel proof your suet feeder. 

Put Suet Feeder in a Cage

If you have squirrels in your area, keeping them away from feeders using a cage is essential. This way, the feeder will be inaccessible to the squirrels, and they will stop raiding it for food. Ensure the feeder is positioned so they cannot see the food inside. You can do this by using a wire mesh cage or placing the feeder high up in a tree so they cannot reach it.

Serve Plain Suet

One way to stop squirrels from eating your suet is only to feed them plain suet. This will make it harder for the squirrels to get the food, and they’ll eventually give up trying. So make sure the suet feeder is securely closed so the squirrels can’t get inside, and install a birdfeeder with an open top so birds can access the food without having to contend with pesky squirrels.

Serve Suet with Capsaicin

Capsaicin will not only keep the squirrels away but also make it less desirable for them to eat from your feeder in the first place. Make sure you change the food every two days to ensure they don’t get used to eating from it. If all else fails, secure the feeder with a tight-fitting lid and ensure there are no holes where they can easily access it!