Is Squirrel Omnivore: The Fascinating Diet of Squirrels

Yes, squirrels are omnivores. That is, they’ll eat both plant and animal-based foods. A squirrel’s diet is made up of a variety of things, including fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects. This means that they don’t have any dietary deficiencies or concerns like some other animals do (like dogs). Their omnivorous diet also means that they help to disperse seeds and feed their predators in the process!

What Squirrels Eat

As mentioned, squirrels are omnivores and will typically eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. However, depending on the location and time of year, they may eat bird feed, small animals, or even human food. 


Squirrels particularly love nuts and will eat them quite often. If you feed your squirrel nuts, it is likely to revisit your house in the future. Squirrels typically store food items such as nuts in their cheek pouches until ripe and then bury them about an inch deep in the ground.


Squirrels will eat various types of berries, from sweet to tart, so providing them with plenty of choices is crucial. Apart from being an essential part of their diet, berries play an important role in the reproductive cycle of squirrels. Their seeds swell when they consume large amounts of these little wonders!


Birdseed is a common food item that squirrels will consume. This could include seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Squirrels are opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever they can find, meaning birdseed is likely to appear in their diet!

Plant Material

Squirrels mainly eat nuts, seeds, and fruits from trees and bushes. If a squirrel finds a nut that is already opened, it will usually just take the nut anyway – not bother cracking it open. Squirrels are very clever animals and use their natural climbing skills to get food from high up in trees


Squirrels are fascinating animals, and their diet is no exception. Not only do they eat insects, but they also store food in their cheeks to last until a better meal comes along. This makes squirrels one of the most opportunistic omnivores out there! 


Eggs are an essential part of the diet for squirrels. They are omnivores and feed on various foods, but eggs are an important part of their diet because they provide them with essential nutrients and protein. Squirrels will also raid bird nests to get their eggs.


Like any other animal, squirrels love fungi and will scavenge for it if they can find it. This fungal food is essential to them as it helps them digest food quickly and gives them an energy boost.


If you have any scraps lying around your yard, give the squirrels a chance to feast! They especially love to eat scraps from other animals. So if you see a squirrel rummaging through your rubbish bin or eating anything leftovers in your house – don’t be alarmed; it’s just following its instinct.


Squirrels enjoy the carcasses of tiny animals – like birds and rodents. This diet has led them to develop rather peculiar habits that you might not expect from your average rodent! For instance, squirrels have climbed trees for food or shelter.

Why Squirrels Eat Meat

Squirrels are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and meat. Meat is a crucial part of their diet because it helps them meet their nutritional needs. They prize proteins over other nutrients, so meat makes up a large portion of their diets.

Food Is Scarce

The main reason squirrels consume meat is that it is a more readily available food source than plant-based matter. Squirrels typically feed on small animals that have died or been injured – animals such as birds or small mammals such as mice and rats. 

It Is an Easy Meal

As squirrels are natural predators, they are more likely to eat meat. This is the best food option for them as it is easy to find and digest. Moreover, meat doesn’t contain any toxins that might harm their health or interfere with their digestive system. 

They Need Protein

Squirrels are omnivores and, as such, need to consume protein to survive. This is why meat is one of the most critical items on their food list – it provides them with all the essential nutrients they need. 

Meat has high energy and essential nutrients necessary for survival in the animal’s natural environment – including Vitamin B12, iron, calcium (for hardening their shells), etcetera!

Some Foods That Squirrels Hunt


Squirrels are omnivores and eat various things, including mice – small rodents that belong to the family murids. Mice can be found in almost any environment and feed on various food items, including nuts, seeds, fruits, birds, eggs, and other invertebrates. Occasionally they will scavenge meat from carcasses or steal it from other animals.


Some birds that the squirrels will hunt include titmouse, chickadee, blue jay, cardinal, and sapsucker. 


Squirrels love to catch and consume small prey, such as snakes. Interestingly enough, squirrels have specially evolved teeth that make it easy for them to take down these slippery predators!

Some Foods That Squirrels Won’t Eat

Hot Peppers

Squirrels will not eat hot peppers. If you want to keep squirrels away from your garden, try using a perimeter fence or repellent products.

Alliums or Garlic

Garlic is one of the many vegetables squirrels are known not to enjoy. They will eat butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and carrots, though they won’t touch onions or garlic. It’s interesting to note that squirrels will eat leaves, flowers, and seeds from these vegetables.